Community and Economic Development Commission

SMC 2.50.160 The Community Development and Economic Development Commission provides assistance, advice, and recommendations to the City Council on the following:

  • Policy development to attract new businesses and help existing businesses grow.
  • Assistance in attracting State and federal development assistance funding.
  • Advising whether the City should assist in various community and economic development projects.
  • Recommendations for the allocation of City resources towards business outreach.
  • Recommendation for potential changes to the Sunnyside Municipal Code or City policies that will help promote business growth beneficial to the community and revitalize areas of the City.

Draft an annual report detailing recommended ordinances, rules, regulations, and plans for City Council designed to attract new businesses to the City, help existing businesses within the City grow, and attract State and federal development assistance funding, which shall be submitted to City Council no later than October 1st of each year.

Draft an annual report detailing the status of the City’s basic economic health, quality of life, job creation, and industrial development, as well as the progress of any ordinances, rules, regulations, or plans recommended by the Commission that have been adopted, implemented, or enacted by City Council, which shall be submitted to City Council no later than April 1st of each year.

To conduct public hearings to hear, review, and recommend proposed actions to the City Council regarding community and economic development and job creation. The Community and Economic Development Commission shall not hold public hearings regarding permits, any matter that would normally be handled by other boards or commissions, other matters not related to community and economic development, or otherwise prohibited by law. 


  • As called but at least once Quarterly at 6:30 PM

Staff Liaison

City Manager Elizabeth Alba

818 E. Edison Avenue, Sunnyside, WA 98944

P: 509-836-6300     F: 509-836-3268     E: 


  1. Lindsee Curfman - Business owners, managers, and employees
  2. VACANT - Commercial property owners
  3. VACANT - Employment and job training services
  4. VACANT - Education
  5. Maria Gricelda Chacon - Others with an interest in community and economic development in Sunnyside
  6. Councilor Julia Hart - Council member serving as ex oficio