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RES 2021-01 RES 2021-01
Approving a Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local Union No. 760 - Public Works Unit.
RES 2020-34 RES 2020-34
Authorizing contracts with Precision Construction Contractors #CC PRECICC822RD to removal the Sunnyside Fire Station.
RES 2020-33 RES 2020-33
Accepting bid and authorizing the Sunnyside Sun as Official City Newspaper for 2021.
RES 2020-32 RES 2020-32
Establishing a Small Public Works Roster process to award Public Works contracts, professional consulting services, engineering, and vendor roster for goods and services.
RES 2020-31 RES 2020-31
Approving an intent to lease agreement and further authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute a lease with MLS Company, Inc.
RES 2020-30 RES 2020-30
Approving waiving the competitive bidding requirements per RCW 39.04.280 and authorizing the City Manager to negotiate an equipment purchase.
RES 2020-29 RES 2020-29
Approving the final plat of Cherrywood Hill Subdivision.
RES 2020-28 RES 2020-28
Approving the Public Participation Plan City of Sunnyside Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Update Project.
RES 2020-27 RES 2020-27
Extending the proclamation of emergency and adopting findings of fact and procedures for managing the COVID-19 public health emergency.
RES 2020-26 RES 2020-26
Approving the agreement between the City of Sunnyside, WA, and Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) for the pass-through and use of Washington State Department of Commerce Coronavirus Relief funds.
RES 2020-25 RES 2020-25
Authorizing the City Manger to execute a grant agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology for the toxic cleanup remedial action program at the Sunnyside Municipal Airport.
RES 2020-24 RES 2020-24
Expressing support for Ballot Proposition 1, concerning a sales and use tax levy for Transportation Improvement Program. If approved, the proposition would authorize the City of Sunnyside to impose up to a two-tenths of one percent (0.002) sales and use tax within the City limits for ten years to fund specified Transportation Improvement.
RES 2020-23 RES 2020-23
Accepting a bid and authorizing a construction contract with Columbia Pumping & Construction, Inc. (11th Street, 6th to 9th Street Pipe Lining Project).
RES 2020-22 RES 2020-22
Authorizing the City Manager to purchase a hybrid blower from Treatment Equipment Company as part of the Pacific Power Energy Saving Upgrades at our Waste Water Treatment Plant.
RES 2020-21 RES 2020-21
Approving the final plat of New Life Homes Subdivision.
RES 2020-20 RES 2020-20
Extending the proclamation of emergency and adopting findings of fact and procedures for managing the COVID-19 public health emergency.
RES 2020-19 RES 2020-19
Approving the 2021-2026 Six-Year Transportation Improvements Program.
RES 2020-18 RES 2020-18
Authorizing contracts with Tolman Electric, AG Pro Construction, and Kinter Electric to install energy saving upgrades to our Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).
RES 2020-17 RES 2020-17
RES 2020-16 RES 2020-16
RES 2020-16.pdf
RES 2020-15 RES 2020-15
RES 2020-15.pdf
RES 2020-13 RES 2020-13
RES 2020-13.pdf
RES 2020-12 RES 2020-12
RES 2020-12.pdf
RES 2020-11 RES 2020-11
RES 2020-11.pdf
RES 2020-08 RES 2020-08
RES 2020-09 RES 2020-09
RES 2020-10 RES 2020-10
RES 2020-07 RES 2020-07
Application to Yakima County Election Board to place a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Levy.
RES 2020-06 RES 2020-06
RES 2020-05 RES 2020-05
RES 2020-04 RES 2020-04
RES 2020-03 RES 2020-03
Approving Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local Union No. 760 - Office/Clerical Unit CBA 01/01/2020-12/31/2020.
RES 2020-02 RES 2020-02
Accepting a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology to assist the City with Water Quality and System Capacity of our Stormwater Program.
RES 2020-01 RES 2020-01
Municipal engineering services 2020-2022.
RES 2019-14 RES 2019-14
Directing the reservation of a portion of annual Lodging Tax revenues for the future design and construction of convention and conference facilities.
RES 2019-13 RES 2019-13
Recognizing and thanking Julia Hart for her years of service to the City of Sunnyside.
RES 2019-12 RES 2019-12
Adopting the Yakima County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and the adoption of the National Incident Management System.
RES 2019-11 RES 2019-11
Accepting bid and authorizing award to Co-Energy, Inc. of contract for fuel supplies.
RES 2019-10 RES 2019-10
Authorize City Manager to Execute a new collective bargaining agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3542 for the period Januray 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020.
RES 2019-09 RES 2019-09
Authorize City Manager to execute an agreement with Sunnyside Sun Media for 2020.
RES 2019-08 RES 2019-08
Authorize City Manager to submit an application to the Yakima County SIED Board to fund future infrastructure improvements.
RES 2019-06 RES 2019-06
Adopting the 2020-2025 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program.
RES 2019-05 RES 2019-05
Setting a public hearing date regarding a Right-of-Way (ROW) Vacation behind 613 Skyline Drive.
RES 2019-04 RES 2019-04
Approving preliminary plat of subdivision (Columbia Heights).
RES 2019-07 RES 2019-07
RES 2019-03 RES 2019-03
Accepting Notice of Intention to commence annexation, setting conditions, authorizing submission of petition and referring to hearing body (Bruce Paul Annexation).
RES 2019-02 RES 2019-02
Investment of monies in the LGIP.
RES 2019-01 RES 2019-01
Setting a public hearing regarding a proposal to establish a Transportation Benefit District (TBD)
RES 2018-28 RES 2018-28
2019 Official Newspaper - Yakima Herald-Republic.
RES 2018-27 RES 2018-27
Collective Bargaining Agreement with Division Supervisors Unit 1/1/19-12/31/2019.
RES 2018-26 RES 2018-26
Petty cash accounts in various amounts for certain city departments
RES 2018-25 RES 2018-25
City Manager Don Day Separation and Release Agreement.
RES 2018-24 RES 2018-24
ILA with Yakima County Technology Services.
RES 2018-23 RES 2018-23
Approving employment agreement for City Manager (Martin Casey)
RES 2018-22 RES 2018-22
Approval of Preliminary Plat of Subdivision (Catholic Charities Housing Services "New Life Homes")
RES 2018-21 RES 2018-21
Approval of Development Plan (BBD Development)
RES 2018-20 RES 2018-20
Approval of Preliminary Plat pf Subdivision (Swan Ridge)
RES 2018-19 RES 2018-19
Authorize petty cash accounts in various amounts for certain city departments.
RES 2018-17 RES 2018-17
Approval of the six-year Transportation Improvement Program for years 2019-2024.
RES 2018-18 RES 2018-18
Approving a agreement with Pacific Power & Light and Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) for grant funding to replace street lighting.
RES 2018-15 RES 2018-15
Approving payment of pension contributions and interest fees to Western Conference of Teamster's Pension Trust.
RES 2018-16 RES 2018-16
Authorize the City Manager to submit applications for Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Grant Funding.
RES 2018-14 RES 2018-14
Approving payment of liquidated damages and interest fees.
RES 2018-11 RES 2018-11
RES 2018-13 RES 2018-13
Approving payment of liquidated damages and interest fees.
RES 2018-12 RES 2018-12
Surplus vehicles and authorize disposition.
RES 2018-10 RES 2018-10
Collective Bargaining Agreement with Sunnyside Police Officers Guild
RES 2018-09 RES 2018-09
Accepting the donation of real property for municipal purposes (adjacent to Sunnyside Museum)
RES 2018-08 RES 2018-08
Approving the purchase of GreyKey Software
RES 2018-06 RES 2018-06
Judicial Services Contract - Steven L. Michels
RES 2018-07 RES 2018-07
Amending Council Rules of Procedure
RES 2018-05 RES 2018-05
Amending Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program
RES 2018-04 RES 2018-04
Salgado Annexation
RES 2018-03 RES 2018-03
Swan Market Annexation
RES 2018-02 RES 2018-02
YVCOG - Governance Agreement
RES 2018-01 RES 2018-01
YVCOG - Technical Assistance Contract
RES 2018-00 RES 2018-00
Amending Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program
RES 2017-33 RES 2017-33
2018 Official Newspaper - Daily Sun News
RES 2017-32 RES 2017-32
ILA Amendment with City of Toppenish for Municipal Court Service
RES 2017-31 RES 2017-31
ILA with Yakima County for Technology Services
RES 2017-30 RES 2017-30
ILA with Yakima County for Probation Services
RES 2017-29 RES 2017-29
Recognizing Councilmember Theresa Hancock's service.
RES 2017-28 RES 2017-28
Setting a public hearing proposal to establish a Transportation Benefit District.
RES 2017-27 RES 2017-27
WA State Office of Public Defense - Public Defense Services Grant
RES 2017-26 RES 2017-26
US Bank Loan - for purchase of vehicles and equipment
RES 2017-25 RES 2017-25
SIED Contract - Sunnyside Hospital Project
RES 2017-24 RES 2017-24
CERB Agreement - Sunnyside Hospital Project
RES 2017-23 RES 2017-23
Vacation of Right-of-Way - 416 E. Edison Avenue
RES 2017-22 RES 2017-22
ILA Yakima County - Correction Detention Agreement
RES 2017-21 RES 2017-21
Benton Regional Fire Authority Mutual Aid Agreement
RES 2017-20 RES 2017-20
ILA - W. Benton Regional Fire Authority for equipment use
RES 2017-19 RES 2017-19
ILA Yakima County - On-call services on federally funded projects
RES 2017-18 RES 2017-18
Runway/Taxiway Project Engineering
RES 2017-17 RES 2017-17
FAA Grant Acceptance - Municipal Airport Runway/Taxiway Rehabilitation Project
RES 2017-16 RES 2017-16
Authorizing grant applications through WA State Transportation Improvement Board
RES 2017-15 RES 2017-15
Approving Sunnyside Industrial Development Corporation RES 2017-2
RES 2017-14 RES 2017-14
Approving 6-year Transportation Improvement Plan
RES 2017-13 RES 2017-13
Approving Public Records Policy
RES 2017-12 RES 2017-12
ILA Toppenish - Municipal Court Services
RES 2017-11 RES 2017-11
Amendment - Six-Year TIP 2017 to 2022
RES 2017-10 RES 2017-10
Moderate Risk Waste Management Plan
RES 2017-09 RES 2017-09
CERB Application - Sunnyside Hospital
RES 2017-08 RES 2017-08
Cardiac Monitor Purchase - Zoll Medical
RES 2017-07 RES 2017-07
Office/Clerical Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-2019
RES 2017-06 RES 2017-06
IAFF Local 3542 - Contract Wage Re-Opener
RES 2017-05 RES 2017-05
Gang Prevention and Intervention
RES 2017-04 RES 2017-04
Municipal Engineering Services for 2017-2019
RES 2017-03 RES 2017-03
WA Traffic Safety Commission
RES 2017-02 RES 2017-02
YVCOG Technical Assistance Contract
RES 2017-01 RES 2017-01
Official Newspaper - Daily Sun News
RES 2016-32 RES 2016-32
SIED Application to help fund public infrastructure improvements at the proposed Sunnyside Community Hospital
RES 2016-31 RES 2016-31
ILA - Yakima County L.E.A.D. Narcotics & Gang Task Force
RES 2016-30 RES 2016-30
Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Funding
RES 2016-29 RES 2016-29
Lincoln Avenue Pipe Lining Project
RES 2016-28 RES 2016-28
ILA - Yakima County Department of Corrections
RES 2016-27 RES 2016-27
Grant - WA State Office of Public Defense
RES 2016-21 RES 2016-21
City Manager Contract
RES 2016-20 RES 2016-20
16th Street Stormwater System Improvement
RES 2016-19 RES 2016-19
16th Street Stormwater System Improvements Project - Washington State Department of Ecology Grant
RES 2016-18 RES 2016-18
2017-2022 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
RES 2016-17 RES 2016-17
Port of Sunnyside - Landscape Maintenance
RES 2016-16 RES 2016-16
16th Street Sidewalk Improvements
RES 2016-15 RES 2016-15
ILA - Yakima County Fire Dist. 5
RES 2016-14 RES 2016-14
Buxton - Retail Recruitment Solution
RES 2016-13 RES 2016-13
NextRequest Service Agreement
RES 2016-12 RES 2016-12
Purchase two police vehicles
RES 2016-11 RES 2016-11
Life Line Emergency Vehicles (Ambulance Remount)
RES 2016-10 RES 2016-10
YVCOG (Technical Assistance)
RES 2016-09 RES 2016-09
Huibregtse Louman Associates (Grant Ave. Stormwater Improvements)
RES 2016-08 RES 2016-08
YVCOG Amendment - Article VIII
RES 2016-07 RES 2016-07
Yakima Chief Annexation
RES 2016-06 RES 2016-06
Transportation Improvement Board Grant
RES 2016-05 RES 2016-05
Restorical Research (Environmental Consulting Services)
RES 2016-04 RES 2016-04
American Building Maintenance (Janitorial Services)
RES 2016-03 RES 2016-03
IAFF Collective Bargaining Agreement
RES 2016-02 RES 2016-02
LoA Teamsters Local 760-Police Support
RES 2016-01 RES 2016-01
Sunnyside Hospital (Ambulance Transport Services)
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