Special Programs

Crime Free Rental Housing

The Sunnyside Police Department has worked with landlords and property managers to reduce crime occurring on rental properties throughout the city. In 2010 we began a Crime Free Rental Housing program that requires landlords to register their rental properties and for tenants to submit to a background check prior to renting a residence in the city of Sunnyside. The cost for the program is $100; however, the fee is waived by attendance at one of our Crime Free Rental Housing classes and compliance with the program.

Gang Elimination

The Sunnyside Police Department believes that the city of Sunnyside is the best city in the state of Washington and that there is no room for gangs in our community. We have amped up Gang Elimination programs, including a specialized Gang Unit, crime prevention programs, gang resistance education, and more. Access a copy of our gang elimination strategy here.

Traffic School

The Sunnyside Police Department and the Sunnyside Municipal Court are continuing a traffic school program on a deferment basis as an alternative to traffic infractions. Traffic school would only be available to people who qualify under the guidelines of the program and receive a deferred judgment from the Sunnyside Municipal Court judge.

Traffic school can reduce the violator’s chance of increased insurance costs and provide new information to drivers within the community. Traffic school provides Sunnyside Police Department a chance to reconnect with the occasional traffic violator and instruct on basic rules of the road, new traffic laws, and consequences to poor driving behavior.

For more information or questions on the traffic school deferment program please call the Sunnyside Police Department at (509) 837-2120.