Street Division

The Street crews repair damaged asphalt and potholes, complete minor asphalt overlays and crack sealing, sweep streets year round, and provide snow and ice removal during snow season to ensure the roadways are safe and passable.  They also maintain all traffic control signs, long line stripes, pavement markings, electrical maintenance, and traffic engineering and operations.  Electrical maintenance includes City street lights, traffic signals and signal systems, and school speed beacons (flashers).


The street maintenance crews are responsible for a wide variety of activities that keep the City’s streets safe, clean, and functional on a year-round basis. Street crews are responsible for the maintenance of 55 miles (110 lane miles) of roadway. `


The street crews repair damaged asphalt and potholes. They also complete minor asphalt overlays and crack-sealing during the summer months. Click here to view the 2023 Chip Seal Schedule.

Street Sweeping 

Street sweeping is a year around operation as long as there is no snow on the ground. Sweeping is essential to keeping our streets and stormwater systems clean. 

Snow & Ice Removal

When it comes to snow and ice removal, it’s important to understand that public safety facilities, hospitals, schools, and public services take priority over all else.  We must keep our streets in working order to ensure that police and fire personnel can respond in a timely manner. Click on the link here to see our Snow and Ice Removal Plan. Click here to see the Snow Removal Route.