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Sunnyview Park (Skate Park)

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Sunny View Park is a 32 acre park located east of Sunnyside. Amenities include:

  • 2 Soccer fields (available to rent in Summer season)
  • 2 Covered picnic areas with barbeque grills (available to rent in Summer season)
  • 4-plex softball fields (available to rent in Summer season ) 
  • Paved walkway
  • Playground equipment
  • Restrooms (Handicap accessible)
  • Skate park

Each picnic area is able to accommodate 100 people, with the northwest area handicap accessible.

Reservations & Community Events

Download the PDF applications for park reservations , soccer field reservations, or come in person at the community center to receive these forms.
For community events please complete the 
Community Event Permit

Park Rules & Regulations 

12.04.020 Prohibited Acts- The following acts are unlawful: 

A. To use, place or erect any signboard, sign, billboard, bulletin board, post, pole, or device of any kind for advertising in any park, or to attach any notice, bill, poster, sign, wire, rod or cord to any tree, shrub, railing, post or structure within any park; or, without the written consent of the Board of Park Commissioners, to place or erect in any park a structure of any kind; provided, that the Board of Park Commissioners may permit the erection of temporary directional signs or decorations on occasions of public celebration and picnics.

 B. To remove, destroy, mutilate, or deface any structure, monument, statue, vase, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, shrub, tree, fern, plant, flower, lighting system, or sprinkler system or other property lawfully within any park. 

C. To allow or permit any animal to run at large in any park or enter any swimming pool or wading pool or stream within the parks. 

D. To shoot, fire or explode any firearm, fireworks, firecracker, torpedo or explosive of any kind or to carry any firearm or to shoot or fire any air gun, bows and arrows, BB gun or use any slingshot in any park, except as provided in this chapter. 

E. To take up collections or to act as or ply the vocation of solicitor, agent, peddler, fakir, mendicant, beggar, strolling musician, organ grinder, exhorter, barker, showman, or bootblack, or to operate or use any loudspeaker without written permit in any park.

 F. To sell refreshments or merchandise or to distribute literature in any park without the permission of or a concession contract with the Board of Park Commissioners. 

G. To have or ride any horse, mule or other riding animal except over bridle trails and other designated areas. 

H. To consume, possess, or bring or cause to be brought wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages in or into any park. 

I. To use profane or abusive language in anypark. 

J. To be under the influence of any alcoholic beverages or drug, or to conduct oneself in a disorderly manner in any park; provided, that the use of said beverage or drug shall not be a defense in court prosecution under this chapter. 

K. To remain in any park between sunset and sunrise unless in attendance at a regularly permitted activity under permit of the City of Sunnyside. 

L. To participate in any park assembly of more than fifty persons without permission obtained in advance. Several rules are required for issuance of permits to groups in excess of fifty persons, and may require that such group’s security to the city against damage or destruction of park facilities and impairment of ecological conditions within the park. Such rules shall be available at the office of the City Clerk. 

M. To ride or drive any bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle, motor vehicle, horse or pony over or through any park, except along and upon park drives, parkways, park boulevards and designated parking areas; or to travel along the park drives, park ways, park boulevards or parking areas at a speed in excess of fifteen miles per hour; or to drive any motor vehicle the wrong way down a designated park access route, which park access routes shall be clearly identified by arrows or other directional information and/or signs placed on or adjacent to the parking access routes; or to stand or park any vehicle in any area of the parking lot other than in appropriate parking spaces as designated by the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners and/or Parks & Recreation Department.

N. To camp in any park except at places set aside for such purposes by the Board of Park Commissioners and so designated by signs. 

O. To throw any refuse, litter, broken glass, crockery, nails, shrubbery, trimmings, junk or advertising matter in any park or to deposit any such material therein except in designated receptacles. 

P. To engage in, conduct or hold any trials or competitions for speed, endurance, or hill climbing involving any vehicle, boat, aircraft, or animal in any park, except in areas designated by the Board of Park Commissioners and so posted. 

Q. To build any fires in any park except in areas designated by the Board of Park Commissioners. 

R. To violate or fail to comply with any park rule or regulation duly adopted and posted by the Park Commissioners.